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Live Event

We provide planning & logistics services for clients that hold medium-large scale events.

-Websites that host “Program Footage” + Live Streams
-Digital Currency and Online Payment Systems
-Vectored Blueprint and Footprint Maps
-RFID & Audience Tracking Technologies
-Audio/LED/Video Content
-Vendor Management
-Event Communications
-Content Creation
-and much more…


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Event Planning & Content Creation

Let’s make it count…

Give them a day to remember!

Event Planning + Logistics

There are many variables involved with an event that need planning before, during, and after the festivities. We have templates and plans available for many different size events!

Live Video + IMAG

Your event might be large enough to need Video Reinforcement + Side Stage Screens. Work with A/V experts that know the gear and rigging to make it happen.
(Suitable for audience sizes of 300 or more.)

Rentals and Equipment

Broadcast Equipment, Switchers, Converters, Scalers and even older more niche and obscure video hardware is available to rent directly from our offices.
(Contact us Today to Learn More.)

Online Ticket Sales

Build your platform with EVENTS in mind! We help create the perfect Web Funnels that drive sales and fill your audience.
Facebook© Dark Ads help trigger content to the right people.

Stream with No 3rd Parties

We can stream your live event directly from your own custom-created Hosting Servers. Payment Gate + Live Stream Ticketing becomes built in to your own domain! No extra fees.
(“You own it, We Build It.”)

Content Creation

We love building our Clients custom content that is directly catered to their needs and goals. Whether it is 4K titles, animations, and overlays – or completely custom shot video for use on YouTube© or your Website – we can do it.