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Dark Ads

We can help you turn an actual profit with Facebook©/Meta© Advertisements. Speak to an advertising expert today and use the data to your advantage.

What we Do

We Create Connections…

By sending Facebook©/Meta© all of your traffic and usage information – you can now target people who are actually going to make purchases.


Trigger Ads to people who matter most with Pixel and API connections.


Gain actual returns on ad budget by targeting the perfect people.

R & D

We don’t just set and forget…
Helix© continues to work on your ad variables to return the maximum %.

Store the Data

All of your Website’s Intellectual Data is stored and can be used to trigger massive email campaigns and other items of interest.

Machine Learning

Utilize Facebook©/Meta© advanced Machine Learning to trigger ads that actually return a profit.

Automated & Easy

We take all of the guess-work out of ads and let you focus on more important tasks. Receive weekly reports on Ad Strength and Returns.


We work with a wide variety of industries & users.

From companies as large as Airbnb©, to the start-up shops in small towns…
We currently help over 150 different businesses return profits using Facebook©/Meta© Pixel Ads. Start creating a better advertising process today! We can help automate your content strategically – at rates that make sense to your business!
Our services are month-to-month, and there are no contracts or hidden charges.
Give us a try this month and see what type of returns your business can create!

Have a custom project?

Helix© specializes in ‘SkunkWorks’ projects and areas of niche or little documentation.

Talk with an Expert

Give us a call 24 hours a day/7 days a week to speak to Certified Facebook©/Meta© Development Experts.