Online Food Ordering Builder Module



Ready to serve more customers and grow your food clients online? Helix© offers custom made Online Ordering Platforms and Apps for your business. Your customers will always know when you are available to serve. Our Order Taking App can be loaded onto any tablet or smartphone!


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Fully Customized Online Food Ordering Application by Helix©

Developed and Customized just for your business and kitchen!

Online Food Ordering Builder includes:

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Live Menu Adjustments ("86" Items at Any Time)
  • Immediately let your customers know their pick-up times
  • Delivery and Maps Included
  • Adjust All Modifiers and Sides
  • Time items to appear when you want them to
  • No POS System Required
  • Seamlessly Integrate with your Current System
  • Stage coupons and campaigns
  • QR Code Table Tents for Online Ordering In-House

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